Friday, 26 February 2016


As if we need an introduction as to why we just had to do a David Bowie Sew Geeky-
over the next few months (we like to be chill about stuff like rules, so we're letting everyone post whenever they can!) there is going to be some seriously rad handmades over here and all over the interwebs honoring the man who sold the world.  I have chills with anticipation over it all!

  One of our very favorite Sew Geeky Contributors, Thouraya from Amelie and Atticus, is showing off this pretty insanely adorable Ziggy Stardust outfit!  

We'll be sure to post em' as they come so stay tuned so you don't miss a post!


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sew Geeky Episode 8 Epic Fantasy

This month's theme was Epic Fantasy! I made an ethereal faerie dress, a chubby faun outfit, and a woodland poncho!

Go check it all out here:---->

Annika from the Näh-Connection who made the cuddliest Falkore outfit for her daughter! Oh, my heartstrings! Thanks Annika!
Check out her post here:--->

 And next up Kelley from Casa Crafty with these ultra rad Game of Thrones inspired outfits!
You have to go see them! ---->

Finally Katie from Robutton made this adorable Alanna outfit for her daughter for this month's Sew Geeky Epic Fantasy!!

 Next month's theme is TIM BURTON INSPIRED!