Friday, 1 August 2014

Hey Guys!

It's Ari! aka Max California. We've decided to have a 'hub' or a home for all our Sew Geeky adventures. It will make it easier to have all the information in one place, as well as help build our little nerderiffic community! We'll be back dating posts shortly, making sure that all our Sew Geeky episodes that we have done so far as well as those of you who have sewn along with us are all chronicled here! We're opening up Linky Parties for every theme, they'll never expire so if you've made something within one of the themes please link up! We're hoping that this little place will soon be your go-to spot for getting your geek fix!

And yeh, it's REALLY pink at the moment. It's totally a work in progress here, so just... you know, don't adjust your tv sets because everything will be in order real soon!


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