Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October's Theme: Geek Spectacular!

It's October! 

This month is all about you guys and what makes you geek out! We're having a Sew Geeky Weeky, meaning that there'll be posts all week from the 20th to the 26th with stuff sewn by you guys, sewn by us and just, I don't know, other people.

When we were coming up with themes for this year, there was a lot of discussion with our friends about things that made THEM get all geeky but didn't necessarily get either of us super into the idea. That totally sucked, because not all of our friends are anime buffs or Star Wars nerds, yet there was no way we were going to exclude them just because we had different fandoms! Part of being a nerd is being into things that other people are probably like "uh... yeh" which is pretty much 70% of how Sew Geeky came together; we wanted to OWN IT.

So don't be shy, what makes you geek out? Are you a Whovian? Do you get a thrill out of math puns? Maybe you just get super excited about the awesomeness of space? It doesn't necessarily have to be a pop culture reference, but it does have to be something that makes you sew geeky.

We love you guys! We want to see what you got!


  1. Man, ari. I so don't have time this month. And now my head starts spinning because i'm definitely sew geeky about several things....

  2. I'm sew geeky about Star Wars (it was my gateway fandom) and cosplay! I'm super excited that I'm finally getting around to working on an Amidala gown! You can check out my (little) progress here: http://cosplaycents.com/2014/10/personal-cosplay-update-1-amidala-black-traveling-gown/